Refuting school budget numbers with new calculations.

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:19

    Times have changed Mr. Gettler, it has been a long time since you or I have attended school. Things have changed! If you compare your school curriculum to that of today’s you would see a vast difference. You should also look into the growth of autism, attention deficit disorder, hyper-activity, cognitive delays, speech delays, behavioral issues, food allergies and asthma. You will see that teachers have to be well equipped to deal with a variety of issues on top of a more advanced curriculum. I feel sorry for you that you are still living in the past. Maybe you should go observe an elementary or middle school class to see for yourself. I commend all teachers and aids of the Sussex-Wantage school system. They are providing our children with a Rolls Royce education for the price of a Chevrolet. To all parents and taxpayers, please get out and vote for the BOE on Tuesday, April 21st.