Resident fights cell tower

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:19

    In our continuing efforts to make Vernon residents aware of a proposed cell tower on Silver Spruce Drive, we have formed a coalition. We have 250 members now and the number of residents working with the Coalition is increasing daily. Vernon residents need to know what a Verizon Communication Facility looks like. This photo was provided to the Coalition by a concerned resident. It is our understanding that the facility in this photo is a Verizon tower located in Wantage and that it is of similar design to the proposed site plans available on our Web site. There are additional photographs available to view at Keep in mind the proposed site is on residential property, zoned R-2. It has come to our attention that residents can not locate the proposed site. The site is located at 3 Silver Spruce Dr., Vernon, N.J. Silver Spruce Drive is on County Road 565, three-tenths of a mile north of Drew Mountain Road. We encourage residents to visit our area, which in all likelihood is very much as beautiful as their own neighborhoods. We encourage people to visit our updated Web site: Patrick N. Distasi Chairman Glenwood ACT Coalition