Rinker asks for primary vote

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:38

I have decided to run for a seat on the Vernon Town Council because there has never been a time when we have needed strong leadership and familiarity with the issues, more than now. I have lived in Vernon, raised my family here and have operated a successful business here for 25 years. I am completely committed to this community. I am the secretary on the Economic Development Committee, attend Council and Land Use Board meetings and have an in-depth understanding of the operation of the municipal departments. I am a member of the Vernon Chamber of Commerce. Operating a business has caused me to understand the value of open and honest communication. My business experience has made me expert in budgeting, prioritizing, strategic planning and executing plans to timely completions. Our residents deserve communication, transparency and a fair chance for input. We need to regain trust and this can be done easily. I will initiate town hall meetings so as to really show our residents we care about their concerns and will address them. These type of meetings would be very beneficial as informative sessions when there are larger issues to address, thus incorporating as many opinions as possible. Our community is a treasure-trove of talent and experience. I do not want to shut that out. The financial situation of our town is dire. I would go over the budget, line by line to assure all line items are necessary. I would not support the hiring of consultants when we have employees who could perform those same tasks. I do not support the spending for frivolous items when we need to have the funds available for equipment for our safety responders or other necessities. We need to be a more business friendly town so that businesses can flourish here. The majority of our nation’s workforce and the strength of our economy depends on the success of small businesses. We need to realize that for Vernon. There are so many issues that need proper analysis and immediate attention. I feel it is crucial, at this time, to elect a person who is ready, willing and able to hit the ground running for this job. I believe I am that person. In the past, we have been given the choices made for us, by the Regular Republican Organization. We are living with those results. I am on the ballot as Vernon Republicans and if you believe we need a drastic change in the way business has been conducted here in Vernon, I am asking for your vote. Sally Rinker Vernon