Search for principal on hold

| 22 Feb 2012 | 07:54

    Wantage — The S-W Regional school board has decided to temporarily suspend its search for a full-time principal of The Wantage School. Following an initial recommendation by Superintendent Dr. Edward Izbicki, the board voted 4-1 at its Aug. 21 meeting to offer the position to Robert Coates, a special education teacher in the district. However, two board members were absent from that meeting and a minimum of five votes are needed to carry personnel decisions by the board. At its Aug. 28 meeting, the board was deadlocked 4-4 and board president Thomas Card abstained from voting, citing his wife’s employment by the district. Since then, the board has been reviewing other candidates. Coates “is still Dr. Izbicki’s choice” but the board remains deadlocked in its vote and the board can only vote on candidates recommended by Izbicki, said Card. Sharon Hosking will remain as the school’s interim principal until at least June 30, said Card. There’s currently no target date to fill the position, he said.