Skateboard park coming to Vernon

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:46

    VERNON-The town council voted Monday to accept the donation of Mountain Creek's skate park equipment, with the intention of placing the equipment on the current basketball courts at Veterans Memorial Park. Pat Seger, Vernon Director of Recreation and Leisure, said Mountain Creek had approached the Vernon Police Athletic League and the township about donating the skate park equipment as well as the fence that surrounds the site. The current basketball courts would be moved behind the PAL building. The Department of Public Works should be able to move the equipment, pave the new courts and set up the fence, according to Seger. Insurance will cover the park based on how the town manages the supervision of the park, according to town manager Don Teolis. The council may look to two ordinances recently enacted by the town of Sparta to govern its skate park as an example of how to monitor the potential Vernon facility. Skateboarding in commercial areas, such as behind the A&P plaza, has become a problem, according to council member Jeff Patterson. Patterson voted in favor of receiving the donation as long as the facility is governed by an ordinance with "some teeth" that would allow police to ticket skateboarders and confiscate skateboards for not observing the park rules. Although the council voted to accept the donation of equipment, delivery will be delayed until arrangements can be made regarding the placement of the park and the transfer of the basketball courts. Council member Neil Desmond abstained from voting.