Skatepark moves closer to reality

| 22 Feb 2012 | 07:52

Organizers continue to raise funds to bring their dream to Vernon Vernon — A fundraiser for the Vernon Skatepark drew crowds to Mountain Creek, Jan. 10, when organizers held a 3rd Rail snowboard event and took in almost $2,000 for the skate park. Prizes included a $300 Visa gift card, a custom 8-foot flatbar rail and an iPod dock. The group calling itself Vernon Skatepark Memorial Organization has been holding various fundraisers for the skate park, including the recent Mountain Creek event. In early December, at an event hosted by the Irish Cottage Inn of Franklin, organizers raffled off a snowboard and raised $950. Hidden Valley has also been lending support to the organizers. How it began The group of friends began working in earnest toward their dream of creating a skatepark in Vernon after the death of Chris Tyler, a local resident with a lifelong love of skating. Envisioned as a tribute to Tyler, friends organized so the “next generation of skaters” would have a place to skateboard safely. Back in July, they held a public meeting to introduce area residents to their dream. In August, a first fundraiser was held at Hidden Valley, which raised over $2,000. But the group’s president Steven Wanczowski recognized that was just a start. He estimated it would cost about $1 million to build a one-acre park. His ballpark figure was based on discussions with companies that build skateparks. Get involved The group is looking for other venues for fundraisers. To host an event, send an e-mail to