Space hasn't sworn off politics

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:47

    Wantage — After six years on the Wantage Township Committee, Parker Space says he’s worn out. “Six years on the township committee can beat you down pretty hard mentally and physically,” said Space, 40, who operates Space Farms Zoo and Museum in Beemerville with his father, Fred. Even though the younger Space recently opted not to run for re-election to the Wantage Township Committee, he says he hasn’t completely dashed all future political aspirations. “I’m going to take at least a year to recharge my batteries and see what’s next,” he said. “I haven’t decided yet on my future plans.” Space has six months remaining in his term as Wantage Township’s mayor. In the meantime, Space and his wife Jill were both recently elected to the Sussex County Republican Committee, where they represent Wantage Township.