BigSnow offers indoor skiing

Vernon. In anticipation of a winter opening of the Mountain Creek Ski Resort, BigSnow offers the opportunity for skiers to get some runs in before the slopes open for the winter.

| 10 Oct 2022 | 01:55

When the leaves start to turn color and there is a chill in the air diehard skiers and snow boarders start to think about the upcoming ski season at Mountain Creek, with a targeted opening of December if the weather permits.

Their thoughts focus on how to get in shape to ski and ride, how to get their equipment in shape and what new ski/riding stuff do they need to purchase to look good on the slopes.

This year, the challenge of getting in shape for the winter season is made easier by the opportunity to get in some runs at the indoor ski area, BIGSnow, the sister area to the Mountain Creek Ski Resort owned by Vernon’s Joe Hession’s Snow Partners and operated by General Manager Mark Dobrowolski. The indoor ski facility provides an opportunity for beginners to learn to ski prior to the opening of Mountain Creek and for more experienced skiers and riders to get their legs in shape with a few runs. BIGSnow also provides an excellent venue for those learning to ski or ride in advance of the 2022-23 ski season.

The visitors to BIGSnow could not be more diverse. On site for pre-ski season training at were young skiers enjoying some runs with their father, Vermont’s Burke Academy ski racers getting in shape for an upcoming race in Europe, the Najjar family, father Emile, wife Lorraine and sons Anton age 7 and Zayn age 6 from Mount Olive and Central Jersey Ski Club members Joe Forgione and Jim Oliva preparing for an early trip to Killington in Vermont to ski some moguls.

Ski shops get busy with skiers and riders needing to get equipment checked for safety, tuned and to purchase needed skiing or riding apparel. Vernon’s McAfee Ski Shop is a full service shop that has served local skiers and riders for over 50 years as well as rental equipment for visitors to Mountain Creek.