Die-hards celebrate spring skiing

| 05 Mar 2018 | 04:24

With the arrival of March many people think that the ski season at the Mountain Creek Ski Resort is coming to an end. Not so with the die-hard skiers who ski at the mountain on a daily basis.
They know that some of the best skiing of any ski season is “spring skiing”.
What makes spring skiing so special?
Those who are experienced skiers know that as spring approaches the temperatures become more comfortable, the snow is generally less icy resulting in enjoyable groomed corduroy slopes that are most enjoyable to ski on, and the parties on the deck in the sun following a fun day of skiing give skiers an opportunity to toast a great day on the slopes with friends.
On Wednesday, Feb. 28, the die-hard skiers Rich and Bonnie Calak, Lou Cunningham, Mark, Buffy and John Whiting began their day of skiing by opening the Cabriolet ski lift at 9 a.m. to enjoy ideal spring skiing conditions under a blue sky and on freshly groomed trails at Mountain Creek’s Vernon Peak.
As the day wore on the group of skiers headed to Mountain Creek South to open the South Express at 12:00 noon and then the Bear Peak at 12:30 p.m. to get “first tracks” on the two mountains. They know that the best runs are on snow that has been freshly groomed without having been tracked up by other skiers.
dFollowing skiing the group gathered on the deck of the Mountain Creek South lodge to toast a great day of skiing prior to heading to a “Spring Skiing” barbeque celebration party hosted by the snowboarding king, friend Ryan Mastrianni in the South parking lot.
The management at Mountain Creek is hoping for some help from Mother Nature to extend spring skiing and the ski season as far into March as conditions permit with planned end of season events that include the popular and fun Pond Skimming Event with the best skimmers receiving prizes for their skimming skill. The resort is offering an attractive All Access Snow Pass that is valid for the remainder of 2018 Season and all of 2018/19 Season.
Following ski season the interest will shift to golf with the beautiful Mountain Creek Great Gorge Golf Course offering attractive membership and daily rates to golfers.
For more information about the programs available at the Mountain Creek Resort visit the Resort’s web site at www.mountaincreek.com and/or visit and “Like” the Mountain Creek Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MountainCreekNJ.
— Photos and story courtesy John Whiting