Spring is here, and it's time for yard work

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:11

Gardeners eagerly await the start of spring to spruce up their yards and tackle new projects. This year, more than ever, people are looking for ways to cut costs. Here’s some tips to help those wanting to keep their yards healthy and good looking. First, do a walk-through of your yard and make sure the existing lawn and plants, trees, and shrubs look green and healthy. It is expensive to remove dead or diseased plants and trees, therefore keep costs down by protecting what you already have. To save money on materials, look for free tree and plant giveaways in April in conjunction with Arbor Day or Earth Day celebrations. Some towns and cities also give away free mulch, compost, and trees. Check with your local agricultural extension offices. Purchasing small plants, trees, and shrubs is another way to save, as a seedling costs a fraction of what a more mature plant costs. For complicated jobs, such as new landscape design and installation, turf installation, irrigation, lighting projects, or dealing with diseased plants, many people choose to hire a professional. For more information or to find a lawn care and landscape professional, visit www.landcarenetwork.org and go to the “search for a professional” page or call 800-395-2522.