Sussex Council ponders barriers to protect park

Sussex Borough. The Sussex Borough Council discussed options to protect T.J. Dunn Park after joyriders got on the field and drove in circles on the grass.

| 12 Apr 2022 | 12:18

The Sussex Borough Council discussed putting barriers up surrounding the new Thomas J. Dunn Park after joyriders did drove in circles on the field, leaving tire tracks.

Council members discussed putting boulders up along the perimeter to block vehicles from getting onto the field, while the borough works on installing something more permanent.

Councilman Mario Poggi suggested using a 15-foot gate and all the borough would have to do is get a post. In the meantime, the Dept. of Public of Public work has blocks that would restrict vehicles from getting onto the property. The other option is to run a guardrail from the top of the driveway, along the field and in front of the playground.

“That may or may not be the most economical way,” Poggi said.

Another way is to put boulders along the driveway to block anyone from getting onto the field in a vehicle and, and in front of the playground.

“That might be cheaper,” Poggi said. “I don’t know how much boulders cost. The other way – probably not the best way – would be to use those blocks all the way down. I think that’d be ugly and it just wouldn’t be a good look for the park, but we need to figure it out.”

Councilman Frank Dykstra said he met with a police officer the night after the field was driven on, and one of the first things he said was “where are your lights?” And then he asked about a camera.

“(Lights and cameras) are not going to deter everything, but he said it’s going to help,” Dykstra said.

Fronheiser said the blocks – which are owned by the borough – also would end the problem of vehicles driving onto the field.

Poggi said the tire tracks have been flattened with a roller and said he looked from the road and the park looks 100 percent better.

“We’ve got good parks,” Poggi said. “The parks already have people in them, and I would just like to make them look good. And we’re on our way.”