Thanks to a ‘wonderful educator'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:00

    My family and I would like to thank Kristin Touw for everything she has done for the students and parents at the Sussex Middle School. Mrs. Touw is the principal there as of the 2008/2009 school year. She was vice principal for two prior years. She has made a tremendous difference to the students and parents of the school. She has made many improvements within the school to improve its academic standing as well as the educational experience of the students. We live near the school, and during the summer months, we would see her car in the school lot Monday through Saturday. These days it’s there from 8 a.m. to at least 7 p.m. most days. Mrs. Touw attends almost all after-school activities. You will see her and her smiling face at dances, concerts, sporting events, etc. She is always around to give her support and encouragement. As vice principal, Mrs. Touw started the Builders Club. This club performs community service activities. Last year they performed a clean-up in Sussex Borough, fed the homeless, provided peer mediators and much more. Academically, as one way to help to remove our school from the state’s “school in need of improvement” list she started ninth-period remediation in 2008 and further expanded it for 2009. In 2008, when the computer tech person left suddenly, Mrs. T. fixed individual computers for both teachers and students throughout the school and the computer lab. This included Internet and e-mail. Last year when my older daughter’s math teacher was out extensively, with finals fast approaching, she stepped in and provided the instruction that was needed. She made a change to field trips, making sure that each one had educational value. She allowed all students to carry water bottles instead of drinking water from fountains and sinks fed by lead pipes. Mrs. Touw has shown leadership, guidance, consideration and compassion in the performance of her new job as principal. She is multifaceted in her approach to education. She is not afraid to “get her hands dirty,” so to speak. When she sees a need and cannot find a person qualified or willing to do it. She does not hesitate to jump in. She is an inspiration to all her students and an example to all teachers that with like qualities they can achieve higher levels. I have heard nothing but praise for her from other parents and students alike. The Masson Family Sussex