Thanks to all the community members who came together to help my family

| 22 Feb 2012 | 07:54

    On Nov. 11, 2008, my husband, Daryl DePaolo was involved in an extremely bad motorcycle accident. He suffered many internal injuries and broken bones. I am very happy to say that he is recovering. There are still more surgeries to come, but God willing the worst is over. Since the accident, so many people from the community have shown my children and me much kindness, support and generosity. I was attempting to keep a list of everyone who helped us out. I lost my list. I apologize to all for not sending individual thank-yous. But I want to thank each and everyone for the cooked meals, gas cards, grocery store cards and pizza cards. The food was a great help by taking away dinner anxiety and the gas cards were a blessing. I am eternally grateful to “Santa’s Helpers” for providing my children with a wonderful Christmas. From the tree that showed up in my back yard, to all of the gifts that showed up under the tree. Without your generosity, my children would not have had much of a Christmas. I thank you for the smiles you put on their faces, screams of delight and laughter on Christmas morning. Thank you to Bill Hill and his helper for building a wheelchair ramp in the freezing cold. Thank you to: The Lawrence School — what was done by your faculty and staff for my family was amazing. I am forever grateful; Dare Devil Deli; Sussex-Wantage Preschool families; Miss Collette, Miss Cindy and Miss June; Lafayette Village and The Sussex; Westy’s Gymnastics. Thank you all for the positive words and the prayer chains. Faith and prayer is what brought my family back together; To my “sisters” PJ, Dawen and Kim, to Charlie for being a surrogate father and for all you have helped me with, to Mike for doing the yard work and Pop-pop for plowing. May all of you be blessed the way all you have blessed my family. Joy DePaolo Wantage