The Watergate of Sussex-Wantage School District

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:47

    I was horrified to learn of the “decision to terminate” Teri Haight, vice principal, and Kristin Touw, the principal of the Sussex Middle School. How is it this all transpired only days after the principal at the Sussex Middle School presented a grievance against the superintendant that she and her vice principal were put on administrative leave and their contracts were not renewed? These two individuals were hired as extremely qualified individuals and specifically wanted by the superintendant. Furthermore, I find it utterly amazing since Mrs. Touw, principal, and Mrs. Haight, vice principal, were “placed on paid administrative leave” (suspended/terminated) that the entire school is on its ear (in total disarray). On the Friday morning that the administrators were escorted out, two children ran away from school. The following week situations previously under control; especially in the bullying department immediately escalated to unmanageable. This was brought to the attention of the Board of Education at their meeting. The next week: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the County’s Sheriff Officers were called in to babysit on the taxpayer’s time. The State Police have also been to the school to lend a hand. Since then other children have left the school ground on their own whims. Why is it suddenly necessary to have the State Police Officers and the County’s Sheriff Officers all be regulars at the Sussex Middle School? This has not been a “Past Practice” or normal so don’t let anyone kid you. How can the teachers effectively teach in this environment? How can the children learn with these constant interruptions? Of course no work was accomplished on the day a bomb threat was found in the boys’ bathroom. Why did this child do this? Was it retaliation of the new unfair detention practices? These current issues were never problems for Mrs. Haight, the vice principal or Mrs. Touw, the principal who were taken out. They had the situation (discipline) under control. I wonder who or what the real problem is? Diane Snure Wantage