Walking through the year of learning

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:16

Visitors get a visual tour of classroom studies Ogdensburg — The school hallways were turned into scientific and artistic galleries for two hours Thursday night to display many of the projects the students have created this school year. “We present ‘A Journey of Learning’ in order for the community to see what the students have been doing in school,” said teacher and project co-chairperson Debbie Olsyn. Guests were guided along the journey by students who explained the basis of each display and answered any questions. The tour guides were busy as they escorted 75 visitors during the first hour the event was open. “It is a pleasure to have such hard-working and creative students,” Olsyn said. “They take what they learn and take it outside the box. They apply what they learn to the challenges they meet outside the classroom.” Displays that dazzled visitors ranged from artistic 3D faces to whimsical Leprechaun catchers to replicas of living cells. There was a study of area and volume, a look at dental hygiene, human anatomy, a zoo and dioramas of life around Ogdensburg. In addition, the school cafeteria contained a collection of items as part of International Night, organized by co-chairperson Diana Wisniewski.