| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:11

Many, many readers recognized the windmill at the Holland American Bakery on Route 23. Among those who wrote to tell us were: Bob Springer, Jeff Stoveken, Julie Koop, Ron Hall, Rena Bast, Kira Mayer, the Farrells, Paul Weber, Cindy Keesler, Joan Grindle, Mary Weber-Kraus, Marcie Walther, Mary Ann Stickle, Cheryl Moreno, George Outer, Kimberly Amels, Craig Coykendall, Erin Whelan and Ann Ricco, who says, “Look for the spectacular tulip display in a month or so. Thanks to Owen and Steph Valkema.” Karisa Vander Groef wrote to say she recognized the bakery, too. “I know this,” she wrote, “because I work there and have grown up loving their fabulous baked goods.” If you think you recognize where in Sussex this week’s photo was taken, write us.