A high-cost new municipal building for Byram appears irresponsible at this time

| 15 Feb 2021 | 04:27

    An open letter to Mayor Rubenstein and the Byram Township council:

    My husband and I are Byram residents/taxpayers. We have lived here since 1958 and are watching with growing concern over the discussion of a new municipal building.

    On the township website, we have looked at the budget and costs already accrued for this project and are frankly surprised. To enter into a high-cost endeavor at this time appears irresponsible. The present economic downturn due to the virus, loss of jobs/income, and an oversized price tag for a township of 8,000 should make everyone consider the increased yearly tax burden.

    As we recall this issue has been petitioned twice and both times turned down. Where is the vote on this project?

    We voted for Mayor Rubenstein and several on the council who we felt were fiscally aware and responsible. But watching the actions taken by them has us questioning that vote.

    Seeing the figures in black and white brought the tax reality into focus for us. Residents, check the website and see your future tax increases. It’s dismal.

    For the record, we are not Democrats or Republicans, we are Independents.

    Reid and Mary Thompson

    Byram Township