Climate changes and our chances narrow

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| 10 Mar 2020 | 01:36

    It seems someone got to criticize me on a full page in Straus Newspapers. I forgot his name and local Head of the Sierra Club, Greg Gorman wrote a brilliant peace to dispel the errors of the General. Let me note that not too long ago, one of the largest youth-led demonstrations in history, called the Global Climate Strike in September brought out millions to take to the streets on Climate Change, while some or too many adults have not even a clue where we are going, and how the going is not good!The above march was started by a 16-year-old named Greta Thunberg, who has been constantly criticized by our President for her stands on Climate Change. The March was supported by 100s of organizations around the world, including many students. These young people from around the globe came with ideals, knowledge, and well educated on the consequences of coming problems.

    It seems if you get too old; you lose much when it comes to observing winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, arid and low rain, and worse climate issues. I was at the First Earth Day, and I have over much of the world. I want to note that I have friends in a small country called Bhutan. It is situated between two Climate Busters-China and India. What is strange about Bhutan, and for my friends there is that there is no snow in Himalayas where Bhutan lies between China and India, but instead of snow there are monsoons that make life extremely dangerous. Once Bhutan was known by its happiness index. I will send those pictures to this paper for their judgement on Climate Change that has made this small piece full country lacking snow 26, 000 feet up, but now has plenty of monsoons that kill. I invited their Prime Minister and their King, was school in the United States to visit the UN! Surprisingly, I told them not to leave it up to India to represent them.In one of my earlier pieces her, I quoted Jane Goodall. Here is the quote and please reflect, as it is about us. “ Why is the most intelligent species destroying our planet!” We indeed are and most of you know it, including our President, who by fiat creates opportunities for climate issues everywhere, including waste dumping in our rivers, devastation of our National Parks, and other initiatives that give oil companies and others more rights to pollute.

    It is not about recycling garbage, straws or whatever! It is more than that, and you must commit. We have no choice! Do we especially with temperatures and storms going up? If we are so intelligent, why do we harm ourselves and each other for no good reason, and why are bird populations and other species disappearing like polar bears, and the Russian Navy ha free access in the Arctic. Why did Admirals note their ports are no longer suitable for docking! We Churchill noted in very bleak days: “Sometimes it is not enough that we do our best, one must do what is required!” So it is with all the coming issues, we must do what is required! I am stealing a quote, but maybe you will get the picture. Israeli statesman ABBA Eban observed that “Men and nations behave wisely once they exhausted all alternatives!” We Indeed have! We are dumping mine, fracking waste, and every ungodly thing into our rivers. Trees are being cut with so much rapidity that Is would take the world’s population a full year to plant billings of seedlings. All that stated, here is very dangerous, as your children can probably tell you why you need trees! But whether trees or another level of climate change; you must enable it. “ As for the future, is not to foresee it, but tO cope and change it!”Jane Goodall has developed four reasons for hope, and they are as follows:1. Our Young people, as they do understand the problems, and they can teach you the issues ! Yes, I am stealing from Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young!. Our Amazing intellect!. Our indomitable spirit. We have been taught much from Martin Luther King and others, including the top scientists in the world, and from a young woman who gave testimony at the UN!. Our connectivity leads us to contacts all over the world.Let us get real for a moment, today’s Climate Deniers are funded by the fossil fuel industry, and our President is their spokesman. We need to move on, and improvements in cars are here already. I drove a Ford Fusion that gets 700 miles per tank full. Others are moving far ahead. Bill Nye notes “ that today we are putting too much carbon dioxide in the the air, and we need to put our focus on renewable electricity, , clean water, and access to the internet. Let me say that scientists have high levels of confidence that global temperatures will rise for decades largely due to greenhouse gases produced by humans. This is series, and the rise is in dangerously! The young lady at the UN was talking about the danger of 1.5 Celsius! We are now headed to a range of 2 to 7 Celsius. Expect great bad times. I am supposedly headed to Puerto Rico, a great victim of Climate Change, and where are you going?

    Bill Weightman