Council candidate objects to mayoral hopeful's claim

| 15 Oct 2019 | 01:15

    As a Vernon Township Council candidate, I have to object to Jean Murphy’s reasoning for her refusal to attend the Oct. 16 candidates’ forum at Vernon High School at 7:30 p.m. Ms. Murphy states it has come to her attention that “there have been discussions about this forum by the VTA of which I was not included.”

    The VTA had its regular monthly meeting, for which it put out a general statement that all of their meetings are open to the public. No candidate was given a personal invitation for this public meeting. My husband and I attended, as did council candidate Scott Ghysels and Cherie Shortway, Mayor Shortway’s wife.

    At this meeting there was no specific discussion about the forum other than the consideration to hold one. There was no information given about the forum that Ms. Murphy was “not included” in. All candidates were informed about the forum at the same exact time through a single email copied to all.

    It is unfortunate Ms. Murphy will not attend the forum to answer questions from the public at large. I will attend, and I am happy to answer any questions the public might have.

    Margaret Distasi

    Candidate for Vernon Township Council.