Credit Distasi for leaner Vernon budget

Vernon /
| 16 Oct 2023 | 06:04

    Peg Distasi has been a breath of fresh air since she was appointed to an open seat on Vernon’s Township Council in February.

    She does what no other member of the council does but what every other member of the council should be doing: she asks tough questions, does not accept nonsensical answers and holds everyone accountable to Vernon taxpayers.

    For example, Peg refused to accept the municipal budget when it was first proposed. The administration told the council nothing could be cut, but Peg sent the budget back to the administration for a line-by-line review with a goal of achieving a 10 percent reduction in non-essential spending.

    Not surprisingly, the budget came back with a zero-tax increase.

    If it weren’t for Peg, everyone in Vernon would be paying higher municipal taxes this year.

    That is the kind of leadership we need in our town, and that is why I’m voting for Peg Distasi for Vernon Township Council on Nov. 7.

    Joanna Grehanov