Distasi delivers as elected officials should

Vernon /
| 20 Oct 2023 | 12:29

    Peg Distasi is for Vernon.

    When one of the big phone companies wanted to erect a tower in one of Vernon’s environmentally sensitive residential neighborhoods, Peg led the fight to stop it.

    When one of Vernon’s biggest polluters brought dump truck after dump truck of contaminated soil into our town, Peg not only formed a citizens group to bring those trucks to a halt but she worked with county, state and federal officials to successfully enforce and strengthen solid waste laws.

    Since being appointed to a seat on the Vernon Town Council earlier this year, Peg has rolled up her sleeves to go to work for Vernon once again.

    Peg defended taxpayers from another municipal tax increase this year.

    Peg supported new firetrucks and ambulances and helped get LOSAP on this year’s ballot to reward our first-responders for their service.

    Peg worked to implement a 10-year plan to repair and resurface Vernon’s poor roads, a particular frustration of mine and my neighbors.

    Most importantly, at council meetings, Peg has informed the public about current issues, provided substantive answers to their legitimate questions and, most important, Peg has listened to and formidably represented their concerns.

    In my opinion, she consistently delivers on what an elected representative is supposed to do for her constituents.

    She’s also a wonderful mother and a grandmother. Maybe that’s why she works so hard to bring about positive change for our community.

    That’s why I am voting for Peg Distasi for Vernon Town Council, so that Vernon government will be open, honest and responsive to Vernon residents today and in the future.

    Joe Sireno