Distasi honest, relies on facts

Vernon /
| 05 Oct 2023 | 07:07

    I tend to shy away from the dramatic, which is why I shy away from politics, which is why I like Peg Distasi.

    Not that Peg shies away from anything.

    Remember Vernon’s long battle against the contaminated soil dumping? Vernon may not have won if Peg hadn’t initiated, persisted and pursued all angles.

    What I like about Peg is her straightforwardness. Ask her a question and she gives you an answer - no dramatics, no name calling, no yelling.

    She bases her answer on facts. She researches the issues, reaches a decision, then votes for what she found to be good for our community. I consider her (dare I say) honest.

    When I met Peg, she told me that, upon retiring and having lived in the community for so many years, she wanted to “give back.” That seemed to me like a pretty good reason to get into politics.

    Yes, we vote on issues; like Peg voting against tax increases; like Peg voting for new firetrucks, ambulances and better roads. But, in the end, we really vote for people - which is why I’m voting for Peg. And why I wrote this letter because I think Peg should to be elected.

    Agatha Wyman

    Highland Lakes