Dudzinski is most qualified candidate for Wantage Township Committee

| 07 May 2023 | 10:51

    There are two Justins running for one seat on the Wantage Township Committee on the 2023 Republican primary election ballot.

    Justin Dudzinski (Conservative Views, Family, Lower Taxes) has served as a regular member on the Wantage Township Open Space Committee since 2017 and on the Wantage Township Land Use Board since 2019 and still serves in both of those capacities today. I reached out to Justin during the last week of April, and from our conversation found him to be a decent, sincere, intelligent person who is running to serve all of the people of Wantage Township and for the betterment of Wantage Township. His qualifications alone make him a good candidate to run for elected office.

    Justin VanderGroef (Sussex Hometown Conservative Team) served on the Wantage Township Land Use Board as Alternate No. 3 in 2012 and 2013 and as Alternate No. 1 in 2014 and was absent from 20 of the 34 meetings held over those three years. His behavior in a Wantage Township polling place on multiple occasions over the last several years demonstrated a disrespect of the electoral process, the voting public, and the sanctity of the polling place. His temperament alone makes him a poor candidate to run for elected office.

    I urge the registered Republican voters of Wantage Township to choose the best qualified Justin to represent the best interests of all of the people of Wantage Township, and that Justin is Justin Dudzinski.

    I also urge the unaffiliated voters of Wantage Township to get out to the polls on June 6 and declare themselves Republican for the 2023 primary election and vote for Justin Dudzinski. You can easily change your affiliation back to unaffiliated through the Sussex County Board of Elections after the 2023 primary election has taken place.

    Wantage Township registered Republicans and unaffiliated voters, please cast your vote for the best qualified Republican candidate for Wantage Committee on June 6. Vote for Justin Dudzinski.

    Karen Merritt