Governor, legislature sneak in bills

| 03 Jan 2018 | 11:56

    It started with the trio of Christie, George Norcross, a Democratic Boss from Camden County, and possibly State Senator Sweeney, also from the Camden County area. Strangely, I know Sweeney from his union where I developed Apprenticeship Assessments, but that is not useful now! It seems, as Christie, talks of the State Pension System, a number of politicos were quickly entered into the system -possibly 90- not good and not fair to teachers, police, state workers, and others that are in need of a well-earned pension.
    The first to benefit from this largess was a Camden City Mayor, who was not in the system, but the wheels turned quickly with no real discussion in either house of the legislature, as Mayor Redd is a friend of the trio above. Several other contentious measures are afoot in the last days of Christie, including a $320 million subsidy to the nuclear power industry. Yes, PSE&G and JCPL and their overseers will do well!
    There were far others, including 30 bills that slipped by with no discussion, but this Mayor Redd one, is one to view. She is retiring, and now will be eligible for a pension. Hey, folks do not blame the workers that work hard above, as this is typical political shenanigans! Also, you the taxpayers, should know that two lawmakers and Christie approved a plan to build a pair of state office buildings in Trenton for $228 million and, yet, there was no discussion! I am leaving out an appointment-lame duck-of a Christie staff member to a job that should have went to the incoming Administration.
    Bill Weightman