Healthcare: buildings and people need help

Sussex /
| 22 Aug 2022 | 01:46

    Many hospitals throughout the United States have closed. The hospitals are in the urban, suburban and rural areas of this country. Prime Healthcare Services has closed 45 hospitals, four of which are in New Jersey. One is St. Clare’s Hospital in Sussex. The building is rotting away. It could still be used for a 24-hour emergency room, outpatient procedures, lab work, and a hospice location. Not all Urgent Care locations are open 24 hours.

    Prime Healthcare Services, and other corporations that own healthcare facilities, don’t care about the people living in different sections of the state. Sussex County is a rural county with open fields, farmland, small towns and humans. They have emergencies and health issues, too.

    Small communities need hospitals. Don’t let St. Clare’s Hospital, or any hospital, waste away. Prime Healthcare Services — have a heart, because if you’re in Sussex, and have a heart attack, the closes hospital without traffic is 35 minutes away.

    Alba Lua