I will not be buying tickets at Citi Field or Yankee Stadium this year

| 19 Apr 2021 | 05:49

    To the Editor:

    I will not be purchasing New York Mets tickets at Citi Field or New York Yankee tickets at Yankee Stadium this year. I will not be purchasing baseball tickets at any major league stadium this year.

    I am protesting Major League Baseball’s decision to move the all-star game out of Atlanta. They caved in to liberal pressure in fear of boycotts so the only recourse for non-liberals is to boycott themselves. Only when non-liberals start taking noticeable action to counteract the liberals will the cancel culture end.

    Please read the Georgia law in its entirety and then read the previous law in its entirety. Most provisions make it easier to vote. Many who threatened boycotts have suggested the voter picture ID provision is racist and will suppress minority voters.

    If Major League Baseball believes that, and by moving the all-star game it appears they do, then I have a suggestion for them. Stop their racist policy of requiring picture ID at their will call booth for customers picking up tickets on game day. Clearly that policy will suppress the ability of minorities to attend Major League Baseball games because in MLB’s opinion minorities either do not have picture ID or are not capable of getting a free picture ID from the state of Georgia.

    Who are these millions of people with no picture ID? Here are some things, besides picking up tickets at will call booths, these people cannot do legally without picture id. They cannot drive a car, they cannot get an airline ticket, they cannot get Covid vaccine shots, they cannot buy alcohol or cigarettes if they do not look old enough, they cannot open a bank account, they cannot apply for food stamps, they cannot apply for welfare, they cannot apply for Medicare, they cannot apply for social security, they cannot apply for a mortgage, they cannot get married, they cannot buy a gun, they cannot rent a hotel room, they cannot purchase certain cold medicines like Sudafed 12 Hour and there are a lot more. Do you know anyone without picture ID? I do not.

    Major League Baseball is now part of the problem in this new society of cancel culture, and I will not be a part of their hypocritical stance.

    Tom Finocchio