Independent SCCC investigation needed

Sparta /
| 02 Apr 2024 | 08:41

    Yes, there should be an investigation at Sussex County Community College. That investigation should be done by an independent attorney with investigative experience who has no ties to the college, the county or either of the political parties.

    Moreover, the witnesses should be required to testify under oath. That is the only way to assure a full and fair inquiry into the allegations against president Jon Connolly and other college personnel.

    Did any of the claimants here request a Title IX hearing based on harassment or discrimination to which all employees and students are entitled? Did any faculty member making claims against the president or other administrative personnel file a grievance regarding their claims?

    These are important safeguards against just the kind of behaviors the claimants are alleging against the president and other administrative personnel.

    If the claimants did not avail themselves of these procedures, we should ask why.

    The college has utilized an independent attorney to investigate claims against a board member in the recent past, resulting in a full and fair investigation of the issue and a final resolution to put the matter to rest.

    The current board would do well to follow that example.


    Editor’s note: Parker is a retired judge of the state Appellate Division and a past member and chairwoman of the SCCC board of trustees.