Jean Murphy far from thrifty

| 29 Oct 2019 | 11:42

    This letter is a rebuttal to the letter penned by Thomas McClachrie, former Vernon Taxpayers’ Association President. As the current VTA President, I must question the statements made by Mr. McClachrie in his support for Jean Murphy for mayor. Mr. McClachrie has not attended VTA or town meetings for more than six years, ironically equal to the time Ms. Murphy has been in office. The VTA stands for good government and fiscal responsibility. Ms. Murphy’s actions have been in direct conflict with our ideals.

    Mr. McClachrie credits Ms. Murphy with putting a recreation tax ballot question on this November’s election ballot. He fails to understand her motive for its origin which is to gain political support of Vernon’s recreation community after she caused chaos with her votes to first not fund, then to fund, replacing the turf fields. That was a nearly $800,000 bond which you, Mr. McClachrie, remained silent about that being a question for the voters.

    Ms. Murphy voted to give taxpayers the largest tax increases in decades over her last four years. Ms. Murphy initiated the auction of taxpayer owned properties for pennies on the dollar. Instead of the buyers developing the properties, they put them back on the market for sale to realize the real value. Ms. Murphy voted "no" on the refinancing of a multi-million dollar bond which would have caused Vernon to go into default and bankruptcy if the other council members voted with her. She voted to increase employees and their wages. How is that fiscally responsible, Mr. McClachrie? Her involvement in the Mt. Creek bankruptcy negotiations resulted in no settlement and Mt. Creek refusing to pay back nearly $1,000,000 of taxpayers money which went to pay their bill to SCMUA, thus making every taxpayer paying for sewers, not just the users.

    If one believes economic development and commercial ratables are the key to stabilizing our taxes, then Ms. Murphy, who states, “Main street is dead” and our town center is blight, is not the representative Vernon needs. Even Councilman Dan Kadish,, before his passing, concerned with fiscal responsibility, told many that he no longer supported Ms. Murphy for mayor. He was also concerned with her conflicts as a realtor, voting for improvements for properties she had listings for.

    So Mr. McClachrie, as you opine that Ms. Murphy will be thrifty with our dollars, her record clearly speaks otherwise.

    Sally Rinker

    President VTA