Lackawanna Cutoff is a critical project

| 26 Apr 2022 | 12:27

    The restoration of the Lackawanna Cutoff is a critical infrastructure project for northwestern New Jersey. It will greatly improve convenience and travel times for Sussex residents both through expanding passenger rail access and reducing congestion on Rt. 80. It will also bring new economic opportunities through jobs and tourism to the surrounding area. For almost 15 years, this project had faced repeated delays and uncertain timetables. When I entered office, I immediately began to advocate for funding and to move forward on this project. The passage of the bipartisan infrastructure law enabled my colleagues and me to push for swift action on the part of NJ Transit. I am incredibly excited to see NJ Transit take up my call to action to greenlight rebuilding the Roseville Tunnel, located in NJ-11. I will continue to advocate for this project until it is completed

    Mikie Sherrill

    U.S. Rep. (NJ-17)