Michael Schnackenberg is a slander machine for the Sussex County Democrats

Newton /
| 14 Sep 2021 | 10:49

To the Editor:

There is a Democrat Party operative in Sussex County who often writes in “hit pieces” on county commissioners. The public should know this person’s background.

A retiree, he lives in a small apartment in Newton and came to public attention by screaming and berating county commissioners on Zoom meetings during the pandemic. His politics are far to the left, and his public Facebook posts, are now sanitized.

Since then, he has been visited by the Secret Service for his threats against politicians and his calls to over throw the government. He has often invented stories about the county commissioners, one in particular (the young female commissioner) who he seems to stalk. A “cease and desist” letter had to stop him from spreading more slanders.

He is vile, the list of curses, insults and misogynistic remarks are endless. He is loved and supported by the Sussex Democrats who “like” his column and write in moral support to him.

Be forewarned, this Michael Schnackenburg of Newton is a false flag, a slander machine for the Sussex Democratic Party.

Joseph Labarbera, Vice Chair of Communications

Sussex NJ GOP