Natalie Buccieri a wise choice for Vernon

Vernon /
| 22 Oct 2021 | 04:26

    To the Editor:

    As a Vernon resident for 26 plus years, as well as a native of New Jersey, I see that this beautiful state needs great change.

    We have incredibly high taxes and have little to show for it considering what we pay. We’ve become a welfare state and a great number feel we have little representation despite our voting history. People are leaving in large numbers to the State’s detriment.

    The entire country has been in turmoil for years now and we’re told, to make a difference, we the little guy, should start at the grass-roots level. Run for town council, for school boards, and the like.

    Natalie Buccieri is one of those individuals who desires to make a change for the better starting with our beautiful town of Vernon. I’ve known Natalie for about seven years. I’ve come to know her as a conservative and common-sense thinker, with experience in running her family-owned business resulting in strong financial and logistical management knowledge.

    Natalie seeks the details and truth that can only benefit all Vernon residents as a whole. She’s not a partisan thinker. She’ll bring a fresh and balanced approach to our local governing body.

    I strongly recommend and endorse Natalie for Vernon Town Council. She’ll prove to be the change we need!

    Eileen Gigante