Peg Distasi will protect, promote Vernon

| 28 Oct 2019 | 01:18

    In recent years, Vernon Township government has been fraught with bad financial decisions, large municipal tax increases resulting from poor management of funds, lack of environmental protection and enforcement, and divisiveness. Taxpayers have suffered while Vernon elected officials fought with each other and with the residents, ignoring the business of the people. That is why I am asking Vernon residents to vote for my wife, Margaret, “Peg” Distasi for Township Council on Nov. 5.

    Peg Distasi has the ability to bring people together and make good decisions to benefit the community as a whole. As a 40+ year financial services professional, she brings to the table broad business experience.

    At a time when transparency is significantly lacking in our town government, Peg will be honest, transparent, and—most of all—responsive to the people. She promises to give the public informed responses to their substantive questions. She will not ignore the public and refuse to answer their questions when they come to council meetings, as is the current practice.

    Peg will protect and promote Vernon’s environment. After all, she successfully stopped a cell tower in a residential neighborhood and also spearheaded the environmental fight against an illegal landfill on Silver Spruce Drive and successfully brought it to an end for the community.

    With our municipal taxes skyrocketing 18% in the past four years, Vernon residents can be sure Peg will move to freeze all non-essential spending and squandering of taxpayer dollars and will conduct a line-by-line audit of the municipal budget. Her 40 years in financial services make her well qualified for the task.

    If elected, Peg will roll up her sleeves and do the business of the people, for the people, not for self-interest or for personal gain as we have seen. On Nov. 5, please vote for Margaret “Peg” Distasi, and give her the opportunity to work for you.

    Pat Distasi

    Vernon Township