Put all kids in children's papers

| 25 Apr 2018 | 01:30

    I am very proud of my grandson for the beautiful thing he wrote that you published in the Advertiser-News on April 19. We stress kindness all the time, so it is good to know it matters to him enough to write about it. We had no idea he was doing this or that the Advertiser News was doing this "children's" supplement.
    However, I deplore that the Advertiser-News made so much money on these children in this edition, but it is not inclusive of each and every child in those grade levels you featured. There is enough competition in the world for children without having some of them think they do not matter but see their classmates writings in the newspaper. As a teacher, I can tell you that means a lot to kids.
    Come on Advertiser-News! Surely you could have reserved one or two pages for the other children —even just a sentence or two from each and every child! Even just a statement such as "What I am grateful for..." Every child is worthy of seeing his or her name in print.
    Jessi Paladini
    Highland Lakes