Redistribution encourages mediocrity

| 04 Feb 2014 | 01:10

    Anyone watching the Super Bowl on Sunday understands that the scoring process is totally unfair. There is no reason that a team should be allowed to score so many points just because they are better prepared and work harder.

    In a fairer, more progressive world, each team would end up with roughly the same outcome. The Seattle Seahawks must be ashamed of themselves for their blatant greed and their position of being among the 1 percent of teams that have ever won the Super Bowl.

    The rules need to be changed. In the future, at the end of each quarter the team that is leading should be forced to give at least 40 percent of their points to the team that is behind.

    We can refer to this as "point re-distribution."

    We must regulate outcomes and encourage mediocrity. America will be a fairer place when we do so.

    Michael Garrett
    Shale Hills Farm

    Wantage, N.J.