Rinker’s dismal record in office

Vernon /
| 14 Sep 2023 | 08:12

    Sally Rinker wants you to make her your next elected mayor of Vernon Township.

    She claims to be the most qualified of the candidates and lists a number of things she has been involved in. She does not tell you, however, her dismal record while she was in office as mayor for a year and a half under our old form of government.

    First and foremost, you have Sally Rinker to thank for the Vernon sewer debacle, as it was she and her council who voted to buy the Great Gorge Village sewers, indebting all of Vernon nearly $4 million for this purchase. United Water officials say they were prepared to give the company to the township for $1.

    “I was only one of five,” Rinker likes to say, but as mayor she voted for and pushed the other council members to buy the sewer company. Then, Rinker created the Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) to operate the sewers. (Harry Shortway was deputy mayor at the time and also voted for both.)

    Rinker claims to be an environmentalist, but she relaxed the setback on stream encroachment from 100 feet to 50 feet. Sure, she’s a developer so more money for her with less restrictive environmental laws.

    Then, she directed the town engineer to apply for a state grant for her personal property that she wanted the town to buy despite the bank taking the property.

    Everything I say is on record and subject to the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

    I believe Rinker is very deceptive and divisive. I have seen her divide one group after another: elected officials, organizations and friends.

    The vote for our next mayor is a very important one.

    Vernon residents cannot suffer more poor management in the mayor’s office.

    Please do not put our town in Sally Rinker’s hands. We cannot afford it.

    Jessi Paladini

    Highland Lakes