Rossi will bring fiscal responsibility, transparency

Vernon /
| 30 Oct 2023 | 08:07

    Is “experience” the answer for Vernon?

    Regarding Anthony Rossi, I for one am totally willing to extend a municipal “learning curve” in exchange for, as a taxpayer, a seat at the table with Rossi as mayor.

    What will Anthony bring to Vernon?

    Fiscal responsibility and transparency. The exact things what we all as taxpayers have been wanting for years in Vernon.

    No more nonsense pet projects like trails and pump tracks while Vernon residents beg to have their roads repaired.

    I’m a Republican, I am on the County Committee for Vernon, and I couldn’t be happier to vote for a common sense, pragmatic conservative like Anthony Rossi for mayor and Jessica DeBenedetto for Township Council.

    Matthew Conway

    Highland Lakes