Rossi will make Vernon business-friendly

Vernon /
| 30 Oct 2023 | 08:14

    Vernon must change course.

    The answer to the question about how to fix Vernon is to vote for Anthony Rossi as your next mayor.

    In the past decade, the Vernon government has shown cracks in the facade. Our past mayors have not been fighting the good fight, leaving us all worse off than we were before.

    Boondoggle projects, rising taxes, over-regulation and lousy business regulation are just symptoms of the larger issues. Our families are struggling to heat their homes, yet the government continues to try to reach into our pockets for more money.

    Anthony Rossi is a long-time resident who sent all three of his children to Vernon schools. He’s also the only man in the race who has Vernon’s best interest.

    Anthony routinely worked with some of the most powerful companies in the world. Understanding business needs and interpreting complicated problems is well within his wheelhouse and is something we sorely need here in Vernon.

    As a former local businessman, he is the only candidate who can make Vernon business-friendly. So many have faced off against these costly and inefficient government regulations and saw firsthand the damage they caused.

    In conclusion, Anthony Rossi wants to return Vernon to the affordable living town it once was. He wants to end the pet projects of public officials and stop the money grab of the yearly tax assessments.

    The Vernon taxpayers can’t afford it anymore. In recent years, we have seen a population decline and will soon see our seniors moving away sooner than later from a town they sought to retire in if we keep course.

    Our past mayors forgot who they work for. A vote for Anthony Rossi will change that!

    Carmen Reyes

    Highland Lakes