Setting the record straight on Mike Vrabel, a positive voice for the county

| 19 Oct 2021 | 10:10

    To the Editor:

    This letter is in response to Robin Marotta-McCann’s letter in the October 14-20 issue of the Township Journal.

    Mike Vrabel doesn’t oppose ballot initiatives per se, he just opposes unnecessary ones like the Immigrant Trust Directive that asked Sussex County residents whether or not the sheriff’s office should abide by our state attorney general’s directives. Mike correctly said that the public does not have the authority to decide what directives of the attorney general the sheriff’s office has to enforce.

    The New Jersey Court of Appeals has ruled that the sheriff’s office must abide by the attorney general’s directives and we taxpayers have to foot the bill for that case.

    Mike Vrabel has been working tirelessly for over 20 years with Family Promise to help the homeless in our county. He supports the enactment of the Homeless Trust Fund, which is sensibly funded through a small $3 fee on the processing of certain documents with the county clerk. Twelve counties in New Jersey are already making this program work. I want him on the commission to fight hard for this program so we can help keep our neighbors stay in their homes and apartments.

    And Mike supports mail-in voting. In 2020 the county commissioners condemned mail-in voting, so critical during a pandemic, because of unfounded concerns over voter fraud. Is this just more voter suppression being spread to New Jersey?

    It’s time to add Mike Vrabel, a positive voice for our county, to the county commission.

    Ellen Johnson