Sparta’s vision of growth — a 880,000-square-foot monolith warehouse — will affect many communities

| 28 Feb 2022 | 04:55

    To the Editor:

    What are you folks thinking?

    Have you travelled down Routes 22, 100 and 78 in Pennsylvania? The lands surrounding the highways are filled with just these giant-sized warehouses.

    Sad part is, it started with only one. One like you will have to vote on to approve. I just hope common sense prevails and even if this is a legal use for the property it makes no sense to finally kill off the ruralness of our county. If this is approved, you know there is no turning back. A second, third, forth, etc., will follow.

    Andover had the great idea to allow the world’s largest glass recycling plant to be built here. I’m glad Pace Glass went bankrupt before starting the operation. I know we have to grow as a county but come on, do we need these things?

    Are you going to consult your neighboring towns who will be impacted, especially Lafayette and Andover? I read that this will generate almost 1,500 truck trips in and out of the area. Are you serious? Can you imagine the backups on Route 15? Can you imagine all the homeowners on Houses Corner, Limecrest, and Sunset Inn Roads through to Andover being affected?

    I feel those of you who will vote yes on this project do not live near the site. Unfortunately I do and vote no. Vote with your conscience and not your rateables.

    Cris Kalaskey