Sussex Airport owner owes Wantage, children an apology

| 15 Apr 2022 | 01:48

    The Sussex Airport in Wantage has decided to cancel its annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was cancelled with the use of a very wordy banner placed over the sign at the entrance of the Sussex Airport blaming Wantage Township for the cancellation.

    This event was not cancelled due to weather, lack of interest, or even the pandemic.

    Simply stated, the Easter Egg hunt was cancelled because of an on-going 3-way dispute between Sussex Aviation (the airport owner) and the owner of the airports’ hangars with Wantage Township in the middle

    What is obvious, and must be emphasized, is this cancellation of the Easter Egg hunt doesn’t hurt Wantage. In fact, Wantage had its own Easter Egg hunt this coming Saturday, April 16th at Woodbourne Park starting at 10:00 a.m.

    This cancellation only hurts children. It targets, and denies, the children of Wantage, and every other municipality that might participate, the fun of the popular family favorite activity of an Easter Egg hunt.

    Shame on the owner of the Sussex Airport for being nothing but a big bully to children. It’s not only bullish, it’s childish, and it’s immature. Understand, this cancellation has nothing to do with Sussex Skydive, a separate business.

    The of primary purpose of the Egg hunt cancellation was to throw shade at Wantage Township. Targeting and using children is inexcusable.

    By the way, the banner on the sign is on a very busy county road. It is a menace to traffic as people need to slow down or stop to read it. Wantage does have a sign ordinance (2009-05) and based on past incident, I believe Sussex Aviation knows that.

    I think the owner of the Sussex Airport owes both Wantage and the local children an apology.

    Kathleen Gorman

    Wantage Township