Sussex County Democrats are the ones spreading misinformation and fear-mongering

| 15 Nov 2021 | 10:30

    Dear Sussex County Democratic Committee,

    My name is Nick D’Agostino and I am writing to set the record straight. On November 1st (the day before Election Day), you released a piece about me on your Facebook page. I chose to ignore it, since nobody really reads it, other than a handful of woke leftists. However, you have since submitted it to the Advertiser News North, a reputable publication, so I will respond.

    I will start by saying that your “source” for your allegations is a radical leftist blog that has called me an ultra right-wing Christian conservative (this part is true), that is homophobic, transphobic, and anti-Semitic (this part is false). Your source has also accused me of looking for sympathy votes because I am in a wheelchair. That is not the case and I will leave the identity politics to you, the experts. The big “bombshell” scenario that you reported, was the first time that I had heard it.

    Additionally, I never attended an event for AriseNJ and am not affiliated with them, though I fully support their mission to elect conservatives to school boards. Furthermore, at the age of 26, I ran for office twice. I lost by 7 votes running for the High Point Regional Board of Education and by a few hundred votes running against the Mayor of Wantage. Since then, I’ve been the top vote-getter in every election I’ve run in.

    I would say that the taxpayers have approved of my presence on the Sussex-Wantage Regional Board, which has included the largest tax-cut on record for the district, the consolidation of four administrative positions into two, the practice of live-streaming meetings, strong resistance to mask mandates, the implementation of armed security, and the savings of approximately 4.5 million dollars, thanks to our terrific teachers agreeing to switch from private to state health benefits. I will also mention that I haven’t missed a single meeting in my five years on the Board (three as President).

    You call me corrupt, but you are the ones spreading misinformation and fear-mongering. You call me inexperienced, but you just ran two candidates for commissioner that had never been elected to public office. You call me dangerous, but you are the ones trying to push your woke, progressive, evil agenda on our communities. You write about me the day before Election Day because you are worried that I will run for county commissioner next year, as you should be. You know that I will protect our conservative Sussex County values and help rally a new generation of young people around them.

    Your party is currently swimming in a pool of quicksand. Be careful what you put on your Christmas list, as you may just get it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Your neighbor,

    Nick D’Agostino