The ‘CEO’ of our town should be elected by the people

Vernon /
| 20 Jun 2022 | 11:33

    In May of 2011, when Vernon elected their first mayor under a “new” form of government, the first mayor-council candidates took office and many things were accomplished. A much-needed salt shed was built and an addition to the animal control building was constructed, along with the impound building for the police department. A public basketball court was put in at Maple Grange, and Canistear Road was finally repaired and paved. Taco Bell was in the works, and CVS was built. The formation of the VTMUA, because those who voted in that election, wanted their candidate to support the sewer project continuation. Most importantly, during super storms Sandy and Irene, because we had a new form of government with an elected mayor with executive powers, the administration was able to respond to those weather events immediately. This is our civic history, and who complained about the form of government — a strong mayor position then?

    All of us who worked on “The Change,” wanted better for Vernon. Candidates elected to office must be responsive to the people, and it is also up to us to step up to the plate and be willing to run for office ourselves, get involved in a civic manner, and elect commonsense residents.

    In Vernon Township, the mayor most definitely should be elected, “By the people.”

    Mary Ellen Vichiconti

    Highland Lakes