There is more to governing our township than buying firetrucks

| 07 Jun 2023 | 06:45

    To the Editor:

    It’s primary time, and Wantage Township voters have a choice to make. That choice should be Justin Dudzinski.

    Justin Dudzinski is a regular voting member of the Wantage Township Land Use Board and serves as Chairman in “special circumstances.” Justin asks questions and votes his conscience to make the right decisions for Wantage.

    He can back up those decisions with logic and fact. I serve with Justin on the Open Space Committee, where his approach is the same: good, sound, and proven decisions based on fact to do what’s best for Wantage.

    Justin Dudzinski does not rubber-stamp votes, and I’ve seen that happen. His goal is to provide top returns for the investment of our tax dollars.

    In my experience, Justin Dudzinski has a longstanding history of working to improve the quality of life for Wantage residents, but he’s been doing it behind the scenes. His bio speaks of building relationships in Wantage.

    Now is our chance to help Justin help us at an even higher level so he can continue building those relationships as we continually build our town.

    His opponent is Justin Vander Groef, a fireman who, in his bio, repeatedly refers to himself as “I.” Justin claims plans to look at how our township functions and make changes, again as “I.” Our committee is a team.

    Wantage has attorneys, and other professionals, guiding our government. Those professionals also make sure every possible stone is turned and legal to keep our taxes and our ordinances in check.

    Some of the plans and questions stated in Justin Vander Groef’s bio could be resolved if Justin Vander Groef attended Wantage Township meetings. I go to every single township meeting and many Land Use Board meetings. As of the date of this letter I have yet to see Justin Vander Groef attend any of these meetings. Justin’s less than memorable stint on the Wantage Land Use Board a decade ago is not a qualification.

    I have nothing but respect for our firemen, including Justin Vander Groef, but there is so much more to governing our township than buying firetrucks.

    Kathleen Gorman

    Wantage Township