Those who vote for Biden are truly imbeciles incarnate

| 28 Aug 2020 | 01:25

    To the Editor:

    First of all I have implored you in the past to limit the nonsense written by the area’s most ignorant anti-Trump buffoons but alas, to no avail. So let me be as frank as frank can be. Anyone who votes for the mentally challenged Democratic presidential candidate (Joe Biden) is in for the rudest awakening of their life. If he’s elected, the United States will no longer exist as the shining beacon of hope for the world.

    Democratic dystopia like we are witnessing in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and shamefully in the nation’s capital as well will become the norm coast to coast.

    Biden as (God forbid) president will lead to China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, et al. redoubling their efforts to destroy America. Al Qaeda and Isis will rise from the ashes and be emboldened to bring a never-ending stream of terrorist attacks against us; and let’s not forget domestic terrorists like antifa fighting to demolish what we cherish and hold sacred from within.

    Warning: those who vote for Biden are truly imbeciles incarnate and when the (***) hits the fan, they’ll rue the day they didn’t heed this admonishment.

    Gregory Agen