Vernon council, administration need to change their focus

Vernon /
| 08 Feb 2023 | 07:04

    The actions of the Vernon Township Council focused around a public hearing to appoint new members to the council have provided some new hope for transparency.

    As a resident and former volunteer with the town, I put my name in as a potential volunteer and spoke to the council at the Feb 6 meeting.

    While I was not selected, I still appreciated the opportunity.

    However, I firmly believe that the council and administration needs to change their focus.

    Focus on singular issues continues to plague council meetings. Addressing the bigger picture and the root of the problems for economic development, infrastructure, amenities and, of course, taxes should be the focal point of our efforts.

    Too long, this town has been stagnant, and as a result, we have seen myriad issues and not enough solutions.

    My remarks delivered focused around these subjects and what should be done in town government. If people wish to listen to my remarks, I urge them to search for the recent Vernon Township Council meeting on YouTube.

    It’s time for the council to listen to the voters.

    Otherwise, I’m confident that with three council seats open, the voters will be heard through the ballot box on Nov. 7.

    George Nikanorov