Vernon council should follow Robert’s Rules

Vernon /
| 27 Jul 2023 | 04:51

    Vernon Township Council meetings are supposed to be structured on Robert’s Rules of Order.

    The three-minute public comments on “Agenda Items Only” needs to be clarified to the public but mostly at this point to the council president and members and what that means in terms of council business.

    Our local government meetings are also supposed to conform with parliamentary procedures. The “Agenda Items Only” portion of the meeting is supposed to be just that: Public comments on those specific items!

    It is not an opportunity to ”tattletale” on what any person says on some social media page, who said what in a private conversation or what someone said at aisle 5 at the Acme!

    According to Robert’s Rules, the council president should keep the business of the council moving and on track. It is up to the council president to follow Robert’s Rules along with the rest of the council.

    Point of Order and Out of Order need to be utilized throughout the meeting if necessary, when members of the public do not direct their comments to the content of the agenda.

    Residents have the opportunity at the end of the meeting to comment about anything they want and hopefully it will be relevant.

    If our township’s committee meetings use Robert’s Rules, shouldn’t the council follow through with those rules also? Please, let’s get on with the job of governing. Thank you.

    Mary Ellen Vichiconti

    Highland Lakes

    Editor’s note: Vichiconti served on the Vernon Township Board of Recreation from 2010 to 2018 the the township Beautification Committee from 2016 to 2023.