Voters deserve candidate debates

Vernon /
| 10 Sep 2023 | 12:26

    If you live in Vernon Township, by now you know that Tuesday, Nov. 7 not only is Election Day, but on that day, Vernon will be electing a new mayor and 60 percent of the Township Council. That is a lot of new seats to fill.

    Sally Rinker, who is running for mayor, and Peg Distasi, who is running for a four-year council seat, have asked their opponents to debate the issues.

    As of this moment, there has been no response or commitment from any of their opponents to debates.

    To all the candidates who say they want to serve Vernon, we should all be given the opportunity to participate by asking our own questions.

    Observing how they formulate answers and hearing in person their thoughts and approach to the leadership roles that they seek is important to the voters. Why they want to serve, in their own words, is important also.

    “We the people,” who pay for everything, deserve candidate debates.

    Mary Ellen Vichiconti


    Editor’s note: Vichiconti was a candidate for the Township Council in 2008, 2009 and 2011.