When Democrats promise, you can safely assume the opposite will happen

Sparta /
| 19 Oct 2021 | 10:14

    To the Editor:

    The latest text by Mike Vrabel in Viewpoints requires a comment. He is a Democrat which is nowhere mentioned in the letter. Instead he writes about the need to lower property taxes. When a Democrat writes that he will lower taxes after election, it is the same as Joe Biden in his entire inaugural address talking about unifying the country.

    Democrats from top to bottom are spending like a drunken sailor and now pushing for complete removal of the debt limit. In a time gasoline costs 40 percent more and we have to import it, food looks like 20 percent more. This hurts the working class the most.

    We can see how “Democrats are for working class.” When Democrats promise, you can safely assume the opposite will happen. We can see the long list of disasters like the southern border, Afghanistan, far more crime, more people dying of Covid than in Trump presidency despite vaccines, country divided as never before, inflation and expected stagflation similar to the Carter years.

    Yes, we need change, but for the better. We need to replace Josh Gottheimer here and Mikie Sherrill in Morris County. They push for higher taxes and support the administration’s policy at the southern border. Since Sherrill advertises her military background, she should be ashamed and is a disgrace. As for running mate Scott Paul of the socialist “Black Lives Matter,” we can only imagine what change we will get.

    Wieslaw Mokrzecki