Why I had the shot

Byram /
| 10 May 2021 | 06:22

    To the Editor:

    Regarding the letter “Why I won’t have the shot,” we all have the legal right to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine (how that might affect our employment is another matter). However, the suggestion that Geert Bossche’s views on the vaccine have much validity cannot go unchallenged. An online search can quickly show how and why his statements are widely discredited.

    I based my decision to have the shot on the preponderance of scientists and public health officials who vouch for the vaccines’ safety and effectiveness. I encourage everyone to do the same. Yes, the vaccine was developed more quickly than usual. I’m glad its development was prioritized and red tape was minimized because of the urgent need for it, as more die every day from this disease.

    When the vast majority of the world’s most experienced and renowned scientists in the field of immunology affirm that these vaccines are safe, I accept that. Others may disagree. But I hope that soon so many in Sussex County, the U.S. and the world get vaccinated that we can achieve herd immunity before much longer, and put this terrible scourge behind us.

    Ray Mueller