8 Best Ways for Influencers to Buy Instagram Followers

| 09 Jul 2024 | 12:09

Increasing the number of followers on social media platforms is a tedious process. The alternative? Buy bots as your Instagram followers. But wait, there might be a middle ground! Today, we’re going to cover high-quality active followers. These are follower packages you can get from Instagram marketing services that offer both, real people and fake accounts, that can cleanly bypass Instagram’s terms.

The end result? You get a high follower count, better social media presence, premium followers, and a way to connect with your target audience. When done right, these active Instagram followers will also propel any quality content you have to the Explore page.

8 Top-Tier Instagram Follower Providers

A massive Instagram following is coveted. It’s a shortcut to that digital status symbol, that instant gratification in a world where follower counts feel like currency. Growing your presence organically is a long, often frustrating battle. You grind away, crafting content, deciphering hashtags, trying to please that ever-changing Instagram algorithm ... and sometimes, the results feel minuscule. It’s no wonder the temptation to take a shortcut, to boost your numbers with a quick purchase, starts to gnaw at you. So, if you’re ready to dip your toes into this morally murky territory, let’s get practical.

Let’s talk about 8 of the best follower service options. These growth services can form the core of your marketing strategy, giving you a higher engagement rate, real accounts, instant delivery, and even genuine followers at affordable prices.

1. Buzzoid

Think of Buzzoid like that old-school rock band that’s been on the scene forever. They’ve seen the rise and fall of trends, weathered scandals, maybe had a lineup change or two. Buzzoid’s got that same seasoned, slightly jaded energy. Their website ain’t about flashy promises or confusing buzzwords. Instead, they exude a no-nonsense, “I’ve-seen-it-all” vibe. Buzzoid wants you to know they’re in this for the long haul, and they know how to get the job done, even if it ain’t always pretty.

Their main claim to fame is speed. Buzzoid understands that desperate feeling, the itch for instant gratification. Need to pad your follower count, like, yesterday? Maybe you’ve got an event coming up, or you just can’t stand the emptiness of those triple digits anymore.

Buzzoid’s got your back. They could turn your profile into a popularity powerhouse overnight. Of course, the real question is, do those fast-tracked followers actually translate into anything meaningful? That’s where things get murky.

Don’t get your hopes up about a sudden, dedicated fanbase. Buzzoid’s all about the surface-level appeal, filling up those numbers with profiles that look real enough to avoid suspicion. Are those “real” followers going to become your brand ambassadors, showering you with thoughtful comments? Probably not. However, there’s something undeniably satisfying about watching that follower count climb, knowing you aren’t the new kid on the Insta-block anymore.

Buzzoid lives comfortably in the middle ground when it comes to pricing. It’s not a bargain-basement operation, but they’re not trying to fleece you, either. They know you’re taking a risk by dabbling in buying followers, so they offer a money-back guarantee as a bit of a security blanket. It makes the whole experiment feel less shady, especially when compared to those sites with sky-high prices and zero transparency.

Buzzoid isn’t your ticket to lasting influence. They’re the shot of adrenaline, not the marathon training program. You’ll get a fast follower fix, but don’t count on that translating to viral fame or a lucrative brand partnership. Still, Buzzoid gets points for their no-nonsense approach and their sheer survival in this constantly evolving industry. If you crave a quick, relatively painless confidence boost, they’re worth a look. But if you yearn for an audience that genuinely engages, that sees you beyond just those numbers, well, keep searching. Buzzoid’s just a pitstop, not your final destination on the road to Instagram success.

2. Twicsy

Let’s be real – everyone craves that little jolt of validation when their follower count goes up. Twicsy gets it. They sell the dream of instant digital popularity – no more grinding away for months to gain a measly handful of followers. Their website oozes class. It’s all about “authenticity” and “quality,” promising you followers that could pass for the real deal... if you squint a little.

Okay, let’s talk cash. Twicsy doesn’t play in the bargain bin. You’ll be shelling out significantly more than those other follower-hawking sites. They try to justify the expense by touting top-notch customer service and snazzy features like a refill guarantee. If you’re the type who gets stressed over a few lost followers, that refill promise might make their steep prices easier to swallow.

Here’s where things get a little murky. Twicsy whispers sweet nothings about “engaged” followers, hinting that they’ll shower you with likes and comments. The truth? Even top-tier services can’t control the behavior of the followers they deliver. So, while your numbers get a boost, don’t expect your comment section to suddenly explode with thoughtful discussions or a flood of new brand deals to hit your inbox.

Look, if you crave that psychological bump of a bigger follower count, Twicsy delivers. It’s the temporary fix, the quick confidence booster. Want to impress a potential date with your social cred? Maybe it’s worth a splurge. But, if you’re chasing lasting influence, genuine engagement, and the kind of Instagram success that keeps those dollar signs rolling in, Twicsy ain’t your solution. It’s the designer handbag of follower purchases – fancy to look at, but won’t necessarily change your life.

3. Rushmax

Rushmax is the epitome of functional – like that trusty but basic pair of jeans you’ve had forever. They’re reliable, get the job done, but won’t exactly win you any style awards. Their website is a blank canvas, a world without exclamation points or promises of overnight Insta-fame. This bare-bones approach flows through their packages, their promises – everything about Rushmax screams “no-frills.”

Rushmax is for those who want simplicity over flash. Their options are easy to navigate – pick a follower count, place your order, and boom – you’re done. Don’t expect them to analyze your profile or try to personalize their service. This is the DIY, bulk-order version of buying Instagram popularity. Extra bonus: they ditch the password requirement, easing some of that anxiety you might have about handing over your precious Insta-credentials.

Rushmax isn’t playing the magic trick game. They’re upfront about what you’re getting: a number on your profile. That’s it. Don’t imagine a legion of new superfans suddenly showering you with likes and thoughtful comments. Those “followers” might look decent on a casual scroll-by, but they’re not going to be your ride-or-die community. Picture them like inflatable audience members – they add visual volume but lack real substance.

Rushmax wins on price. They live in that sweet spot of “affordable enough to dabble” but won’t break the bank if you’re wildly disappointed. Think of them like discount movie tickets – it’s entertainment for a few hours, but you won’t walk away feeling deeply inspired or changed by the experience. Of course, the real question is: are you just after the illusion of popularity, or do you crave something deeper?

Rushmax fills a specific niche. Need a quick follower bump to avoid that brand-new account loneliness? Maybe you want to prank a friend with a sudden spike in followers? Rushmax is your no-questions-asked supplier. But if you dream of a genuinely engaged audience, the kind that fuels your creativity, supports your passions, and translates into lasting influence... well, you’ll need stronger tools than Rushmax. They’re the instant noodles of Insta-growth: quick, easy, somewhat satisfying, but utterly lacking in the nourishment your brand needs to thrive.

4. InstaPort

InstaPort gets it. The frustration of watching those follower numbers crawl along while everyone else seems to be rocketing to Insta-stardom... it gnaws at you. InstaPort taps into that impatient energy, offering a tantalizing promise: control. Suddenly, you’re not just a player in this game, you’re the game master. Need 8,623 followers? InstaPort snaps its fingers and makes it happen. Their website practically crackles with magic formulas and hints about outsmarting that all-powerful Instagram algorithm. It’s tempting, that promise of precision-targeted popularity.

For a while, InstaPort makes you feel invincible. There’s a heady rush that comes with seeing those carefully crafted numbers reflected in your profile. But the shift is subtle – instead of an audience, you start to see a spreadsheet. Your focus narrows to those digits, the living, breathing, chaotic beauty of social media fades into the background. InstaPort offers satisfaction, but it’s a fleeting, artificial kind. It’s like playing dress-up – you might look the part, but deep down, you know it’s a costume.

Sure, those “genuine” followers might fool a friend or two with their seemingly real profiles. But those likes, those heartfelt comments, the kind that make you excited to open your Instagram app each day? Well, those won’t magically materialize just because you swiped your credit card. Worse yet, there’s the nagging worry that Instagram itself will sniff out your scheme, potentially flagging your account. Building a presence on a foundation of bought followers is like constructing a skyscraper on quicksand – the whole thing could come tumbling down any moment.

Let’s be honest, sometimes, you just need a quick fix. Maybe you’re launching a new project, and a totally empty follower count isn’t a good look. InstaPort can take the edge off that embarrassment. A small bump might even give you those extra few seconds of attention, that chance to hook a genuine new follower with your awesome content. But relying on InstaPort as your primary growth strategy is like surviving on cotton candy: a sugar rush, then a hard crash, and ultimately, leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

InstaPort appeals to that part of us that wants instant gratification, even if we know deep down it’s not the healthiest solution. But what if, instead of focusing on gaming the system, we poured that same energy into crafting content that truly resonates? What if we prioritized connection over numbers, fostering those loyal, small-but-mighty communities that become true believers in your brand? Wouldn’t that be a far more satisfying victory than any number InstaPort could conjure?

5. InstaStardom

This name taps into that universal craving for recognition. They’re not selling a slow, strategic journey; they’re selling instant success. Their focus would be on transformation – imagine their website showcasing “before and after” profiles with massive gains in followers.

6. SocialBloom

This service cultivates a gentler image. They might use nature metaphors, promising “organic” growth and followers that appear genuine and engaged. Expect a focus on subtlety and gradual changes, aiming to avoid suspicion from the watchful eye of Instagram.

7. EchoChamber

This name takes a critical angle. It hints at the dangers of relying solely on bought followers, suggesting a space where the only praise you hear is your own. It’s aimed at those who crave popularity but also understand the potential pitfalls of artificial social proof.

8. PopuNow

Think impatient, demanding customers. PopuNow is for the user who wants massive gains in a blink of an eye. Their website would scream immediacy, emphasizing speed over substance. They’re not worried about the long-term consequences, just that sudden, satisfying bump in follower count.

Target Audience

The temptation to sprinkle some purchased followers into your organic growth strategy is like the whispered promise of a magic potion. It’s easy to imagine those manufactured followers as a stepping stone; maybe they’ll attract a few genuine users impressed by your social proof, creating a ripple effect of organic growth. But relying on purchased followers as your main source of growth is like trying to build a bonfire out of wet leaves – you might get a quick burst of smoke, but the flames of lasting influence won’t ignite.

That being said, if you choose one of the top 4 services we’ve recommended today, you can actually get some real traction on your account. This is mainly thanks to these IG followers being real users. Real Instagram followers improve your brand awareness. Even fake Instagram followers can do wonders for your online presence in a limited capacity, but you need to be particularly careful about Instagram’s terms.

Connecting with your target audience becomes easier when the Instagram algorithm notices your page and real users find your brand to be credible. That’s why we recommend going for Insta followers from one of these top service providers. These can be a part of your core social media marketing strategy.

The Final Verdict

Look, the shortcut is tempting. We’ve all felt that pang of envy when scrolling past someone with a massive follower count. There’s a little voice whispering, “Maybe just a few...” But that fleeting satisfaction comes at a price. Remember, you’re not just building a number, not just playing a game with the algorithm. You’re crafting a piece of your digital identity, a space to share your voice, connect with others, maybe even change the world in your own, little way. Can a few thousand purchased followers really help with that?

To some extent, yes. And if you make the right choice when choosing a service provider, you can make a huge difference. Your Instagram presence will improve undoubtedly with high-quality Instagram followers. Your next Instagram posts will gain more attention. And your Instagram profile will become a solid brand in no time.

It’s all about getting active users. Pay attention to the service provider’s delivery time, payment methods (PayPal is most recommended), a no password needed policy, and the ability to give you a lot of followers. Quality services such as Twicsy and Bizzoid offer a remarkable boost for personal accounts and small business pages alike.